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The 2025 Youth Leadership Conference is scheduled for April 24, 2025 through April 27, 2025. More information can be found here for new students and potential senior student mentors.

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All of our conferences completely rely on the generous support of donors who believe in our cause. Please help us educate our youth and click here to donate.

Focusing on Youth Education and Development

The American Independence Youth Leadership Conference (AIYLC), formerly known as American Independence Foundation of Colonial Virginia, is a four-day three-night retreat for U.S. high school students (including home-school or equivalent). This non-profit provides students the chance to develop their own style of leadership by studying government (past and present), patriotism, and entrepreneurialism. Interactive lectures are led by skilled instructors and community leaders and supervised by a devoted staff of carefully vetted counselors. The conference dedicates 50% of class time to leadership; 30% to the U.S. government, U.S. history, and the U.S. Constitution; and 20% to the Free-Enterprise System and U.S. economy. This is an excellent opportunity for students to begin building their resumes while developing personal connections with students from throughout the state and the country.

The American Independence Youth Leadership Conference is sponsored by the Military Order of World Wars® (MOWW) and its Patriotic Education Program. Visit MOWW for additional Youth Leadership Conference® dates and locations.